Summer Trails Day Camp
2013 rolls to an end

Rise and Shine—today is the last day of the 2013 season and a bit of fall weather is in the air.  Baseball Campers will play their final World Series Game of the season and Traditional Campers will hear the Rolesnuoc Choir perform.  The groves with be filled with joy as we remember a great summer, pride from all our individual accomplishments this season, and a bit of sadness as we say goodbye to our camp friends for the season.  Ten months ‘til we gather again for the next round of summer fun. 

Summer Trails Idol

Our staff are super talented-singing, dancing, joke telling, and skits kept us all amazed, entertained and really proud of our staff. 

Baseball Campers watched their end of season slideshow and embarked on their last play off game. Good luck tomorrow in the world series.

Tomorrow is our last day— Rolesnuoc Chior.  There is no extended day tomorrow.

Slides and Memories—Part 1

With the liquid sunshine we changed our plan and traditional camp watched the end of season slideshow today.  We laughed and sang along to the pictures and songs of the summer.  Baseball Camp will watch their slideshow tomorrow along with the Southwoods Trip slideshow. 

We visited the wild west with the upper grove and participated in game shows in the lower grove as some of todays special events.

Tomorrow is Summer Trails Staff Idol.  Our staff had one extra day to prepare their talents!

Tie Dye

Camp is a sea of awesome color today- the tie dye t-shirts look terrific.  Additionally, the lower grove campers acted out story books today.  From Rainbow Fish to the Little Engine that Could we were entertained by a great selection of books and wonderful actors. 

Baseball Camp worked on hitting stations today and participated in a wiffle ball home run derby.

Tomorrow is Summer Trails Staff Idol— let’s see the talents our staff have!

Song and Cheer- Team Week Comes to a Close

The Green, Blue and Gold pride overtook Summer Trails as we became a see of color and spirit.  The songs and cheers were amazing and the decision as to who takes top bill will be a close one.  We will end our day announcing this year’s team champions and then coming together as a united camp to celebrate all of our hardwork and sportsmanship. 

Baseball Camp worked on sliding.

Have a wonderful weekend.  See you on Monday for week 8- the final week of the 2013 season.  Wear your tie dye. 

Olympics Day

Gold and Blue had a great day today starting with the flag hunt and boy were those clues challenging this year, participating in shoe stew race and competing in a variety of sports and activities for their team.  Remember to wear your Blue, Gold and Green tomorrow to cap off team week with song and cheer presentation.

Bucket Brigade and Rockland Boulder Visits

Fill the pail, touch all the buckets, which balloon will pop out first?  We had a busy morning full of excitement and cheering.  It was a close race—I mean a really, really close race.  The Blue Team took the win in both pools for Bucket Brigade and of course the Green Team won their brigade as well. 

Baseball Campers were visited by Rockland Boulder Jaren Matthews.  He talked about being versitile and learning to play all the positions to make yoruself a valuable teammate. 

Tomorrow is Olympic Challenge and tie dye week continues.

o-o-o oreo and apache

Little grove stacked, rolled, tossed and hula hooped with oreos today.  And at the end they ate them too!  Yummy fun.  Go Green Team.

Apache Relay was amazing.  No hands dessert, crab walking, blowing bubbles with bubble gum, and launching water balloons among many other stations were a huge hit in this super fast paced all camp relay race.  Blue and Gold both showed team spirit and sportsmanship. 

Tomorrow is Bucket Brigade and we continue Tie Dye week.

Baseball Camp reviewed pitching today and welcomes a Rockland Boulder tomorrow 

Hollyrock Game Show

Both Traditional Camp and Baseball Camp came together for this brain challenge.  Who was the fifth president? Name three current Yankees? Who can hula hoop the longest?  Everyone had a blast.

Our tie dye t-shirt week has also begun. 

Go Blue. Go Gold.  Go Green.

Tomorrow is apache relay and oreo olympics

Team Week Kickoff, Playoffs and Southwoods Trip Returns

The bus is back.  Our Southwoods campers are sharing their experiences and getting everyone excited about day of awesome, square dancing and tubing among a long list of others.

TEAM WEEK starts! Are you Blue, Gold or Little Grove Green.  Show us your team spirit next week.

Baseball Playoff Day is always a highlight

Next week Team week and Tie Dye week—bring a white cotton tee!