Summer Trails Day Camp
Until 2015

This afternoon Baseball Camp will have their final World Series of the 2014 camp season and in Traditional Camp our famous Rolesnuoc Choir will perform.

Thank you for spending your summer with us at Summer Trails.  Have a wonderful school year and we’ll see you in 2015.

Slides and Memories

Today we watched our memories of the camp season flash on the screen before our eyes.  From the traditional camp slide show to the baseball camp slide show and the Southwoods slide show in between we laughed a little, cried a little, and sang a little!  Together we celebrated the 2014 camp season.  

One wake up to go… Tomorrow is the final world series and the Rolesnuoc Chior.  

A Rainbow of Colors

The Summer Trails Grove was a rainbow of colors today as campers and staff proudly showed off their new tie dye t-shirts.  Little and Lower Grove Campers participated in their own theatrical workshop today and presented nursery rhymes with their own twist.  

Tomorrow is Summer Trails Staff Idol.  We can’t wait to see our talented staff perform.  Additionally, Baseball camp will get one last chance this summer to take home an autograph and a tip from professional ball player John Doherty.  

Bucket Brigade and Olympics Day

Kicked off today with Blue taking the lead at the Bucket Brigade this morning followed by shoe stew relay races which were split with gold winning the lower grove and blue winning the upper grove race.  Olympic Day points are still coming in.  It is going to be close going into Flag Hunt and Song & Cheer Tomorrow

Fun in the Liquid Sun

Upper Grove campers participated in a variety of game shows and had an opportunity to make your own ice cream while little and lower grove campers had a mini sports day including parachute games and a sing-a-long.  All the campers had an opportunity for free swim and free play in the afternoon.

Baseball Campers worked on skills and drills and checked out a new indoor space dedicated to the sport of baseball.

Tomorrow will be Bucket Brigade and Olympics Day.

Apache Relay and Frog Hunt

Lower and Upper Grove each competed for the Gold and Blue Team in the ultimate Apache relay today.  From no hands dessert to painting with your toes and cheerio sorting with chopsticks to making a basket in basketball the event was full of creativity, spirit and skill.

Little Grove campers competed in a special Green Team Frog Hunt—ask your child how many (plastic) frogs they caught!

Tomorrow is Bucket Brigade.  Go Green!  Go Blue!  Go Gold! 

Simon Says We Love Team Week

We kicked off team week this morning with tug-o-war followed by Steve Max Simon Sez Extraordinaire.  

Tomorrow is Apache Relay

As a reminder, this week is tie dye week- don’t forget to bring in your white color tee to tie dye in art this week

Welcome Back Campers

The Bus has returned and our Summer Trails Campers are back home. They came off the bus all smiles and singing Southwoods Camp Cheers. Today is also the World Series in Baseball Camp and later this afternoon Team Week Kick Off— Go Gold, Go Blue, Go Green!

Big, Giant, Huge, MONDOON

This morning began with a staff MONDOON volleyball day. Then throughout the day campers and staff continued to play with over-sized equipment.  

Our campers up at Southwoods have been super busy tubing in the lake, climbing up in the pines and don’t forget to ask them what Rainbow Warriors is all about.


Inflatable Bouncy Obstacle Courses, Super Sized Water slides, Carnival Games and Prizes make for one really fantastic special event day.  

Tomorrow is Mondoon Day and the play off games in Baseball Camp.